Joseon Royal Tombs Expedition

Program Info.

Aug.22.(Tue.) ~ Aug.27.(Sun.) 5 nights and 6 days
40 Joseon Royal Tombs
Audience Target
Adults who are much interested in history (aged more than 19 years)
40 persons
How to Participate in the Event
Selecting expedition members through public recruitment (application form and interview)
Specific Information
The aim of Joseon Royal Tombs Expedition, the special advance program of 2023 Joseon Royal Tombs Festival, is to study the history of the Joseon Royal Tombs and inform of their value, walking the road to UNESCO world heritage-listed Joseon Royal Tombs, over a big run of five nights and six days.

This program would give the valuable opportunity for the expedition corps to visit UNESCO world heritage-listed 40 Joseon royal tombs, listen to the comment about royal tombs, therefore reminding of the value of traditional cultural heritage that mirrors Korean history.

Goods for the Expedition

Goods for the Expedition
Three T-shirts, Hats, Backpacks, Warm Armer, Neck Cooler, Raincoat, 8 types of Sticker Badge, 2 types of Towels, Flags, Name Tag, Cushions, and others


Program Schedule

1 Aug.22. (Tuesday) East Nine Royal Tombs(Donggureung) (launching Ceremony of Geonwonneung)→ Hongneung and Yureung Approximately 7.5km Approximately 8 kim of Walk
2 Aug.23. (Wednesday) Sareung → Gwangnreung → Heolleung and Illeung Approximately 1.5km Approximately 16 kim of Walk
3 Aug.24. (Thursday) Yeongwol Jangneung →Yeoju Yeongneung and Nyeongneung →Yungneung and Geolleung Approximately 7.5km By vehicle
4 Aug.25. (Friday) Taereung and Gangneung →Uireung → Jeongneung Approximately 3km Approximately 11 kim of Walk
5 Aug.26. (Saturday) Yangju Onneung → Paju Samreung → Paju Jangneung → Gimpo Jangneung Approximately 4.5km By vehicle
6 Aug.27. (Sunday) West Three Royal Tombs(Seosamreung) →West Five Royal Tombs(Seooreung) →Seolleung and Jeongneung (the Ceremomy of Disbanding) Approximately 8.5km Approximately 6.5 kim of Walk > by Vehicle
Order of Day Date Order of Visit Relocation in Tomb Relocation out of Tomb