King’s Garden

Program Info.

Oct.14.(Sat.) ~ Oct.22.(Sun.) 7:00 pm ~ 9:00 pm * Exceptionally, it is closed on Oct. 16 (Mon.)
Seolleung and Jeongneung Royal Tombs
Not Limited
Specific Information
The story of Joseon kings buried in the royal tomb is brought to life, and it blooms with light at the night of the Seolleung Royal Tomb!
This is the night exhibition program that provides the spectacular night scenery, based on the stories and lyricism that the special space, that is royal tomb, has, with the use of special effect ad media technology such as a variety of lights, lasers, hologram video, object, kinetic object, and others.

Specific Program


Night Tour : Road to Sage King

We encounter a king across the forest of king. The portrait of King (御眞) embodied into hologram

  • Hologram- Embodying the portrait of king who appears to move, as if he were living, with the dynamic hologram


Night Scenery : Forest of Life

The space for healing that embraces the clean nature of royal tomb, walking the forest alley filled with starlights.

  • UV Light /UV Stone /Laser- Embodying the forest of life in harmony with the beautiful and imposing atmosphere across the forest, with the use of UV stones, UV light, and laser covered with fluorescent substances.
  • Mirror Arts- The Forest Space which creates fantastic experience, by expanding space, with mirror.


Night Meditation : Dream of Butterfly

The world of dream and hope that butterfly, the symbol of beauty and mystery, presents

  • Kinetic Butterfly/ Butterfly Object-The Space for dream which produces the object of butterfly, the symbol of long life, en masse from a mobile giant butterfly and hundreds of small butterflies, using sensors and motors.


Night Flowers : A wide variety of Flowers Bloom in full

Banquet of Flower reflecting the desire of kings of the Joseon Dynasty, who were dreaming the time of peace

  • Giant Flower- Made of silk materials, the giant flower or Peony, the symbol of king's flower, wealth, and fame, is embodied into the mysterious and spectacular atmosphere, through the kinetic technique.