Joseon Royal Tombs Mobile Stamp Tour

Program Info.

Sep.23.(Sat.)~ Oct.22.(Sun.)
40 Joseon Royal Tombs
How to Participate
Getting Stamp through Stamp Tour App.
Specific Information
Joseon Royal Tombs Mobile Stamp Tour to celebrate the entire openess of 40 Joseon Royal Tombs!
Let's visit all the 40 Joseon Royal Tombs and get stamps and gifts!

How to Participate


Install Mobile App.

  • Search 'Stamp Tour' on Google Playstore or Apple Appstore and install app.


Membership and Log in

  • Install app and sign up for membership on the login screen, at discretion.
  • Enter the registered ID and Password and log in
  • Once logging in, app is available without repetitively logging in.


Mobile Stamp Tour

  • Log in and click 'Search-View More' on the Home Screen to search 'Joseon Royal Tombs Mobile Stamp Tour.'
  • Enter Joseon Royal Tombs Mobile Stamp Tour and click the upper 'Stamp' tap or 'Map' tap to see the status of the stamp that you want,
  • Visit around Hongsalmun in front of each tomb and get stamp (1 stamp per a tomb is available).
  • Move to Stamp Zone and view stamp animation that will automatically be displayed on the screen to click the 'Click and Get Stamp' button on the bottom and get stamp.
  • Get stamp and then read an information that introduces the royal tomb.


Participating in Event (applying for gifts)

  • Once the number of stamp that meets the criteria of event, 'activate the 'Apply for Gifts' button.
  • Get stamp and then click the 'Apply for Gifts' button on the 'Introduce-Apply for Gifts' section.