Garden of the Gods

Program Info.

Oct.14.(Sat.) ~ Oct.16.(Mon.) 7:30 pm ~ 8:20 pm (a total of 3 times)
1,000 persons per a day
Reservation Site
Ticketlink(web/app.) reservation / Paid (R Seats: KRW 10,000, S Seats: KRW 5,000)
Reservation Method
Ticket opens at 2:00 pm on Sep.22.(Fri.) / Maximum 4 tickets per a person / First-come-first-served basis
Specific Information
Bangsangsi and Chorani, exocists of mysterious powers who repel evil spirits and bad luck!
They are awakened by 'Sangwibok (a ritual that king's servant goes to the rooftop and signals the death of king, by grabbing king's red gown).
The king issues the royal command to guide him to the royal tomb, leaving Bangsangsi and Chorani with his most favorite grave goods.

Can Bangsangsi and Chorani travel across the rough road, leading the king's state funeral, and arrive at the royal tomb, in which queen was buried?

'Garden of the Gods' which involves the convergence of fantasy world beyond the reality and imagination, was embodied into state-of-art stage technique, against the backdrop of the real space in linkage with Hongsalmun (a red gate with spiked top), and Jeongjagak (a T-shaped house for sacrifice before a royal tomb) of the royal tombs of kings of the Joseon Dynasty. Plus, this performance was upgraded with these new characters appearing.

The mysterious characters Bangsangsi and Chorani guide the spectaculars to the grand adventure world, singing fantastic songs and dancing, in the course of holing the state funeral ceremony of the Joseon Dynasty, say, performing the Sangwibok (a ritual that king's servant goes to the rooftop and call to bring back the Holy Spirit), → Chijang (building the royal tomb), → Barin (leaving for the royal tomb) → Boomyo (enshrining mortuary tablet in royal ancestral shrine, three years after the mourning for the deceased).
Chapter 1. Bangsangsi and Chorani
Bangsangsi and Chorani who undertake the role of taking the soul of the late king to the royal tomb, are awakened by 'Sangwibok,' which informs the death of the king.
Chapter 2. Invocation of the Holy Spirit
The soul of the deceased queen appeared before the soul of the king who is afraid of his death, asks him to bring the musical instrument that she loved the most, during her life, praying for peace of mind.
The soul of the king leaves for the royal tomb, with Bangsangsi and Chorani, with the instrument as the grave goods.
Chapter 3. Building a Royal Tomb
Stonemason tries to craft the royal tombs and stone figures (Muinseok, Munninseok, stone sheep, stone horses, stone tigers) that guard the royal but find it hard to make the progress at the work.
So, Bangsangsi casts a spell to animate life into Muinseok and Munninseok. Finally, the stonemason finishes his work, thanks to their helps.
Chapter 4. Attack by a Band of Tigers
The procession of king's state funeral ceremony led by Bangsangsi and Chorani happens to encounter a band of tigers, when they are just about to arrive at the royal tombs.
They are on the brink of having been deprived of the grave goods that the queen had asked to bring, by the head of a band of tigers. But king defeats it, showing the royal dignity.
Chapter 5. In the Garden of the Gods
The procession of the king's state funeral ceremony presents the soul of the queen the grave goods 'musical instrument,' as the last gift.
The king and the queen spend a comfortable life in Garden of the Gods, looking back on the memories that they left, during their lives.
The crown prince who will succeed the king begins to head for the royal ancestral shrine with the mortuary tablet in his hand, singing for a new era.
Producers /Production Staff
General Director : Jo Hyeong-je / Writer : Gyeong Min-seon / Music Director : Kim Tae-geun / Composers : Kim Tae-geun, Jang Yun-hee / Planning PD : Ha Nam-kyong / Production Manager : Song Jae-seong / Choreographer - Ku Seul-gi / Costume Designer : Kim Mi-jeong / Light Costume & Video Producer : Show Design Group SDG / Makeup Artist : Lee Soo-min / Giant Flower Artist : Kim Eun-yeong / Assistant Director : Han Ji-yeon / Assistant Choreographers : Park So-yeong, Yoo Sae-hwan / Stage Manager : Gang Hyeon-ho
King - Jeong Bo-gwon / Queen -Kim Na-ni / Bangsangsi & Stonemason -Lee Sang-hwa / Exorcist -Kim Bong-yeong / Tigers- Lee Seung-min /Crown Prince -Joo Woo-bin
Male Dancers- Gwon Gyo-hyeok, Kim Yeong-pil, Ryu Ji-un, Park Min-soo, Yoo Sae-han, Yoon Chan, Yoon Tae-ung, Lee Dong-joon, Lee Jin-hyeong, Lee Chan-sol, Cha Joo-yeong, Choe Won-jo, Hwang Se-ung
Female dancers- Gang So-eun, Kim Da-hee, Kim Hye-ji, Park So-yeong, Seo Yoo-ri, Song Min-seon, Sin Min-joo, Lee Soo-jin, Lee Ah-hyeon, Lee Hae-yeon, Ji Ye-hwa, Choe So-yoon
Admission and Viewing Guide
* All the viewers must have their identification card, mobile phone numbers identified. Please make sure to carry the identification cards.
* Admission may be restricted after the performance begins. Please enter the venue on admission time.
* To protect UNESCO-listed world heritage, food except for beverage cannot be allowed in the royal tombs.
*-Applicants who cannot view, for the reason of inevitable situation are requested to call off viewing at the reservation desk, until 7:00 pm before the event is held, for those who hope to view.
(Office Phone Number : 02-6354-7223 / Operation Hours: 10: 00 am~6:00 pm)