Wangreung Adventure

Program Info.

Time and Venue
Oct.14.(Sat.) ~ Oct.22.(Sun.) 10:00 am ~ 5:00 pm
/ Hongneung and Yureung Royal Tombs, East Nine Royal Tombs(Donggureung), Seolleung and Jeongneung Royal Tombs, Taereung and Gangneung Royal Tombs, West Five Royal Tombs(Seooreung), Gimpo Jangneung Royal Tomb
* Exceptionally, it is closed on Oct.16.(Mon.)
Oct.20.(Fri.) ~ Oct.22.(Sun.) 10:00 am ~ 5:00 pm / Yeongneung Royal Tomb(Royal Tomb of King Sejong)
100 persons per day according to place (It is advised that those aged 12 years should experience)
Reservation Site
Ticketlink(web/app.) reservation or Registration on site / Free of charge
Reservation Method
Ticket opens at 2:00 pm on Sep.22.(Fri.) / Maximum 4 tickets per a person / First-come-first-served basis
Specific Information
Suspicious Royal Tombs! Wangreung Adventure of trying to find the clues deep beneath royal tombs, based on the stories of royal tombs and carry out missions!
Investigate the facilities in the places of missions, and try to find the clues as KaKaoTalk Chatbot instructs, to solve the problem in a release and escape form. Complete carrying out all the missions and come back to the operating headquarters to get rewards for it.
* Wangreung Adventure is added to Hongneung and Yureng, and Gimpo Jangneung Royal Tombs.
(East Nine Royal Tombs(Donggureung), Seolleung and Jeongneung Royal Tombs, Taereung and Gangneung Royal Tombs, West Five Royal Tombs(Seooreung), and Yeongneung(Royal Tomb of King Sejong) contain the same contents as 2022 Wangreung Adventure. Wangreung Adventure is not held in Uireung in 2023).
*Crossword quiz
Those who don't handle KakaoTalk Chatbot skillfully or fail to participate in Wangreung Adventure can have the mission sheets for crossword quiz issued on the site to participate in the event.


Name of Contents
King’s command!
Brief Description
In the day of setting the foot to the Joseon Royal Tombs, he/she hears someone shout, with a solemn voice, upon walking the Geumcheongyo Bridge.
"Hey, nobody there?"
A royal command is given to an experimental subject who travels, all of a sudden, across the Joseon Age.
"Hey, why don't you grant my wish?"

The Story about Royal Tombs

Hongneung and Yureung Royal Tombs
The Story about Agwanpacheon or Korea Royal Refuge at the Russian Legation of King Gojoing
What made King Gojong decide to find Agwanpacheon or Korea Royal Refuge at the Russian Legation, in the late period of the Joseon Dynasty? Let's hear King Gojong tell the story about a lot of situations and events that he had to face, by the time when he declared the Korean Empire after he had found Agwanpacheon or Korea Royal Refuge at the Russian Legation.
East Nine Royal Tombs(Donggureung)
The Foundation of the Joseon Dynasty of Li Seong-gye, King Taejo
Li Seong-gye hoped to protect the people who were oppressed from high officials, in the late period of the Goryeo age.
How can he found the Joseon Dynasty which he had aspired for?
Seolleung and Jeongneung Royal Tombs
The Gyeongguk Daejeon (the grand rule of laws) of King Seongjong
Seongjong, the 9th king of the Joseon Dynasty, completed compiling The Gyeongguk Daejeon (the grand rule of laws). Then, what did he for the peace time of the Joseon Dynasty?
Let's hear the people at those times tell about their worries and how to solve them.
Taereung and Gangneung Royal Tombs
King Myeongjong and his mother Queen Munjeong
King Myeongjong used to had his mother take the control of him, since she had started ruling as reagent.
Can he get out of control from his mother Queen Munjeong?
Gimpo Jangneung Royal Tomb
Honorary King Wonjong and his son King Injo
What had happened to the Joseon royal court, from the period when Injo's father Jeongwon (revered as Honorary King Wonjong) lived, to the period when King Seonjo, Gwanghaegun, and King Injo became the kings?
West Five Royal Tombs(Seooreung)
King Sukjong's Political Transition
There happened frequent political regime changes caused by King Sukjong's Political Transition in order to reinforce royal power.
How did the political change the royal palace?
Yeongneung Royal Tomb (Royal Tomb of King Sejong)
The Story about Science of King Sejong
King Sejong's great achievements born by love for people
Let's investigate the scientific instruments which King Sejong invented, and the guidelines that such instruments provided.

Real Experience Method

The mission tour game 'Wangreung Adventure' can be performed, with the use of KakaoTalk Chatbot
Please receive mission sheets at the operating headquarters and then play the game, moving to the places of missions around the royal tombs.


Those who succeed in carrying out the missions are given the souvenir key rings in addition to certificates.

Admission and Viewing Guide
*All the participants must have their identification card, mobile phone numbers identified, before entering, Please make sure to carry the identification cards.
* < Wangreung Adventure > is the program in the tour form that requires performing the mission, travelling all around royal tombs. This program targets persons aged over 12 years. Therefore, kids aged under 15 years need to accompany their guardians.
*All the viewers cannot be admitted to the venue, in overtime. Please enter the venue on reservation time.
*To protect UNESCO-listed world heritage, food except for beverage cannot be allowed in the royal tombs.
*Applicants who cannot view, for the reason of inevitable situation are requested to call off viewing at the reservation desk, until 5:00 pm before the event is held, for those who hope to view.
(Office Phone Number : 02-6354-7223 / Operation Hours: 10: 00 am~6:00 pm)
* Please wear comfortable shoes, for a favorable exploration.