Seooreung Night Tour

Program Info.

Oct.14.(Sat.) ~ Oct.22.(Sun.) 7:00 pm / 7:30 pm / 8:00 pm * 90 minutes per session
West Five Royal Tombs(Seooreung)
30 persons per session / Reservation required
Reservation Site
Ticketlink(web/mobile) reservation / Paid (KRW 10,000)
Reservation Method
Ticket opens at 2:00 pm on Sep.22.(Fri.) / Maximum 2 tickets per a person / First-come-first-served basis
Viewer Age
Over 7 years old
Specific Information
Unique Sentiment that visitors can feel at only night, Seooreung Night Tour
On an autumn night when there was fresh breeze and high sound of grass bugs, enjoy the night walk program 'Seooreung Night Tour' that shares history and arts, walking in Royal Tombs. Seooreung meaning 'five tombs in the west' is the second largest Joseon Royal Tombs Group, following East Nine Royal Tombs(Donggureung), Guri. Starting with the establishment of Uimyo (Gyeongneung), the tomb of the Crown Prince Uigyeong (posthumously honored King Deokjong), the first son of King Sejo, Changneung, the tomb of the 8th King Yejong; Sunchangwon, the tomb of the Crown Prince Sunhoe, a son of the 13th King Myeongjong; Ingneung, the tomb of the Queen Ingyeong, the royal first consort of the 19th King Sukjong; Myeongneung, the tomb of King Sukjong; Hongneung, the tomb of Queen Jeongseong, the royal first consort of the 21st King Yeongjo were built. Later, in the 1970s, Sugyeongwon, the tomb of the royal concubine Yeongbin Lee and Daebinmyo, the royal tomb of Janghuibin were moved to this place to become the current West Five Royal Tombs.

Seooreung is the place where King Sukjong, his three queens, and Janghuibin are buried, so it is full of many stories in which life, death, pain and sadness coexist. 'Myomyo,' a special being which tells the story of Seooreung across this world and the underworld, is based on the cat 'Geumson' which King Sukjong cherished in his life. Follow 'Myomyo' throughout the Royal Tombs to vividly experience the hidden story of the royal family with various performances, including songs and dances, discover the beautiful appearance of the royal tomb under the night sky, and feel the breath of living history.
Production Staff/ Casts
General Director : Jo Hyeong-je / Director : Oh Joon-seok / Writers : Jeon Soo-yang / Composer and Arranger : Kim Seung-jin / Costume Designer : Kim Mi-jeong
Assistant Director : Yoon E-ji / : Video Producer : Hwang Ho-gyu / Sound Operator : Kim Sei-yeon / Stage Manager : Park Gi-nam
Myomyo (actors) : Min Dae-sik, Kim Doo-ri, Kim Yoo-min / Dancer : Park Sung-jin / Voice&Chorus : Kim Nari, Kim Sung-hyun, Song Soon-kyu, Yoo Jung-min
Admission and Viewing Guide
*All the participants must have their identification card, mobile phone numbers identified, before entering. Please make sure to carry the identification cards.
*All the viewers cannot be admitted to the venue, in overtime. Please enter the venue on admission time.
*To protect UNESCO-listed world heritage, food except for beverage cannot be allowed in the royal tombs
*Applicants who cannot view, for the reason of inevitable situation are requested to call off viewing at the reservation desk, until 7:00 pm before the event is held, for those who hope to view.
(Office Phone Number : 02-6354-7223 / Operation Hours: 10: 00 am~6:00 pm)