Nova Scorpii 1437 - Dream in the Sky

Program Info.

Oct.20.(Fri.) ~Oct.22.(Sun.) 7:30 pm ~ 8:20 pm
Yeongneung Royal Tomb (Royal Tomb of King Sejong)
1,500 persons
Reservation Site
Ticketlink(web/app.) reservation / Paid (R Seats: KRW 10,000 / S Seats: KRW 5,000)
Reservation Method
Ticket opens at 2:00 pm on Sep.22.(Fri.) / Maximum 4 tickets per a person, First-come-first-served basis
Viewing Age
Suitable for over 7 years old
Specific Information
Guest Star (客星, the star of appearing all of a sudden and disappearing) was born between the second and third stars of the castellation of Scorpius." (76 volumes of the Record of King Sejong, Mar. 11, 1437 of the solar calender)
Nova Scorpii 1437, another title of Supernova that King Sejong had found in 1437, was named by modern astronomers. Hundreds of years ago, King Sejong and Jang Yeong-sil observed the sky, using outstanding astronomy technology. King Sejong faithfully served and loved the people, treating them as the heaven, and Jang Yeong-sil cheered up and supported the king's dream. What was the world that the two persons dreamt together looking at the stars in the night sky?

Following the premiere in 2022, 'Nova Scorpii 1437' will be held around the Yeongneung(Royal Tomb of King Sejong), in 2023. Ahead of the main performance, the music performance in exquisite harmony with the playing of spectacular musical instruments will be conducted, thereby, providing extremely romantic time to spectators. Subsequently. the main performance starts, with the reminiscence of an old man who visits Yeongneung(Royal Tomb of King Sejong) shortly after King Sejong passed away. The old man is none other than Jang Yeong-sil who sinks into reminiscence. Jang Yeong-sil's yearning for King Sejong unfolds along with beautiful songs and dances. Then, the voice of King Sejong from the sky and the image of the world that the two persons dreamed together are embodied into 400 drones. The guest star (Nova Scorpii 1437) radiates the brilliant light of hope, in the presence of the two persons who are dreaming of the world where the people can accomplish their goals, in the temporal sky.
By the time King Sejong was buried in Yeongneung, after having passed away, an old man appears, in front of Jeongjagak (a T-shaped house for sacrifice before a royal tomb), on a dark night when all people are sleeping.
The old man is none other than Jang Yeong-sil who dreamed together with King Sejong, for a long period of time.
He begins to sink in deep grief, recollecting the memories about King Sejong.
The moment he is just about to lift the lantern over the sky, cherishing the memory of King Sejong, the soul of the king turns into a white butterfly and comes to Jang Yeong-sil.
Then, the two persons begin to remind of the new world that they dreamed of, looking at the night sky.
The world where the people or unknown stars are transformed into the glittering stars that twinkle in the sky.
King Sejong compares Jang Yeong-sil to the guest star which appeared all of a sudden, and encourages him. Jang Yeong-sil has the hope that the world that King Sejong aspired for would come, someday.
Producers /Production Staff
General Director : Jo Hyeong-je / Director : Seong Jun-hydok / Writer : Gang Bo-ram / Composer : Jang Yun-hee / Planning PD : Ha Nam-kyong / Choreographer : Lee Jae-hee / Costume
Designer : Kim Mi-jeong / Makeup Artist : Lee Soo-min / Assistant Director : Han Ji-yeon / Stage Manager : Gang Hyeon-ho
Prerelease Music Performance : Cello - Kim Sol-Daniel / Gayageum - Yoon Da-young/ Saenghwang - Kim Hyo-young/ Gayageum - Hwang Hye-jin
Singer : Gang Yun-jeong (Gemma) / Jang Yeong-sil -Lee Dong-joon
Dancers : Biseul Dance Company
Drone Show : Uvify
Admission and Viewing Guide
* All the viewers must have their identification card, mobile phone numbers identified, before entering. Please make sure to carry the identification cards.
* Admission may be restricted after the performance begins. Please enter the venue on admission time.
* To protect UNESCO-listed world heritage, food except for beverage cannot be allowed in the royal tombs.
* Applicants who cannot view, for the reason of inevitable situation are requested to call off viewing at the reservation desk, until 7:00 pm before the event is held, for those who hope to view.
(Office Phone Number : 02-6354-7223 / Operation Hours: 10: 00 am~6:00 pm)
* This performance involves the convergence of drone show. Therefore, please make sure to follow the instruction of the safety guard, for the safety of other people.